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Recovering Pool Tables Aberdeen

Recovering pool tables in Aberdeen 


7ft White Winner pool table In Orange Smart cloth

White 3 Winner Abereen 24-5 White 1 Winner Abereen 24-5

The new 7ft Artwood Winner pool table with green Smart cloth

Artwood Water Mark 4 Artwood Water Mark

Artwood Water Mark 1 Artwood Water Mark 2

Delivery & installation of a 7ft Walnut Slimline pool table with Burgundy cloth

Hav Aberdeen 24-5 Hav 4 Aberdeen 24-5

Hav 2 Aberdeen 24-5 Hav 5 Aberdeen 24-5

Recovered 7ft winner pool table in a bespoke Sky Cloth

sky 1  water mark sky 5  water mark

sky 7  water mark sky 6  water mark

Delivery & installation of a Soid Wood Diner with Taupe Smart cloth

Soid wood Diner Taupe Soid wood Diner Taupe 2

Soid wood Diner Taupe 3 Soid wood Diner Taupe 4

 Recovered 6' Slimline pool table in Silver Smart  cloth 

Slimline Silver Slimline Silver 1

Delivery & installation of a 7' White Winner pool table with Blue Club cloth

Winner White Blue 2 Water Mark Winner White Blue 2 Water Mark 1

Recovered a 9' Sam pool table in Black Speed cloth

Sam Pool Black Water Mark 1 Sam Pool Black Water Mark

Recovered 6ft pool table in Red Club cloth

Slim Water Mark Red 12 Slim Water Mark Red 13

Delivery & installation of a 7ft Fusion pool table with Black Smart cloth

Fusion Black Smart 123 Fusion Black Smart 12

Installation of a 6ft Elite pool table with Green Smart cloth

Elite White Green 2 Elite White with tops

Recovered 7ft pool table in Blue Smart cloth

Blue Smart Slimline 12 Blue Smart Slimline 123

Delivery & installation of a 6ft  White Omega pool table with Black Smart cloth

Omega White Black Smart Coin Op Omega White Black Smart Coin Op 1

Delivery & installation of 7' Spirit pool table with Purple Speed cloth

Purple Spirit Water Mark 1 Purple Spirit Water Mark

Delivery & installation of a 7ft Outback pool table

Outback White blue Water Mark 1 Outback White blue Water Mark

Recovered 6' Winner pool table in Gold Smart Cloth

Oban odban_2

Delivery & Installation of a 6ft Walnut Slimline Prince

Aberdeen1 Aberdeen_5

Delivery & Installation of a 8ft Walnut Prince with Burgundy Club cloth

Peterhead_3 Peterhead_2
Peterhead_4 Peterhead

aberdeen_20 aberdeen_15
aberdeen_28 aberdeen_2

Recovered 6ft Superleague pool table in Green Club cloth - see before and after pictures below

HGM_Green HGM_Green_1

Recovered 7ft Winner pool table in Silver Smart cloth - see before and after pictures below

Silver_Smart_Winner_3 Silver_Smart_Winner
Silver_Smart_Winner_1 Silver_Smart_Winner_4

Recovered 7ft Sam pool table in Camel Speed cloth

sam_2 Sam_1

Recovered 9ft American table in American Green Speed cloth

IMG-20120301-00016 IMG-20120301-00013

Delivery & Installation

Delivered door to door @

When you purchase a new or reconditioned pool table from us, we deliver and install it for you too. We like to install all our tables ourselves so that we know it's as good as it can be.

As soon as your table is made, we’ll collect it from the manufacturer and arrange a mutually convenient delivery date with you. On the day of delivery we’ll call you an hour or two before we get there, so you don’t have to take the day off work.

Our polite and friendly two man team will bring your table into your premises and set it up for you so it’s ready to play. All you have to do is tell them where it’s going. Our fitters will do all the lifting, position the table, brush it, level it and clean up all the packaging and take it away. Then they'll show you how to care for your table so that it stays in tip top condition.

We've thirty years of experience in moving pool tables about, so don't be fooled by some internet companies that will tell you it's easy to set a table up - the slate is a seriously heavy piece of work that needs expert handling, so why not take advantage of our expertise?


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