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Right first time @

Our prices include recovering of the slate bed and cushions in the cloth of your choice, minor repairs to cushions, marking out, checking the runways and finally cleaning and levelling the table - a perfect finish and ready for play.

Problems that can arise with recovers that are not done professionally include cloth coming loose, badly fitting cushions, poor marking out - potentially an expensive mistake!

Look at all the benefits with Recovering Pool Tables:

• Affordable re-clothing by the market leaders in pool table recovering
• Fantastic range of finest quality cloths
• Clean, on site recovering by skilled professionals
• All aspects of the work undertaken by ourselves – no contracting out
• All inclusive packages with no hidden costs
• Real expertise - we’re the firm the other firms hire
• Pool table specialists – we don’t sell anything else
• Reliable advice about all aspects of purchasing and maintaining a pool table
• Not the cheapest but definitely the best
• Professional, affordable, reliable

Check out some of our recent work below, then click Recovers to choose your cloth

 FU 2 

 Bakewell 5 Scot Band1  Electric blue American 254 Black Speed 9ft.15pxm

London Square 3 Pink Smart 365  PRC Edinburgh 1 Nott 164

Marseille Oak 2  Oak Brunswick Brunswick American purple speed 1 Playtech 1

 BC RETail 1 Fuchsia Speed London 2 CTI17 Black Leeds

Parachute Mahog Green Speed Water mark Watford 6 1214 Charcoal Speed 1

 DSC 0309 Pig Whistle 2 2014-09-18 10.35.02 Sliver Smart 5667

Free to Ins Water Mark 3 20130920 155349 York House Mass Water mark Sliver Smart london

9ft Us Green 20140603 093636 Smart Energy American Green Speed Cloth Water Mark

Silver Orange 1 Bar Blue Wool Cloth 2 Water Mark Red Speed Cloth 121213 Water Mark Jan Red Speed 1

Brug Bill 1 Orange Hudderfield  Ranger Green Smart 4 Water Mark Spirit Green Speed 1

Grunge Union Jack 6 Stock Comp Avant Garde 2 Milano Black Speed cloth 1

Sam Orange pink 2 winfix water Mark 1 RAF Banson 25

Black Winner Smart 123 fireball 2 Sam pool table in Sage Smart cloth 1 Winner With Slate Cloth 2

Mon Green Speed Winner Wales Water Mark AM Red Smart 1 Red Smart Water Mark 1334

White 1 Winner Abereen 24-5 Sam K Steel American pool table Gold Smart London Hav 1 Aberdeen 24-5 13

Powder Blue 5 13 Water Mark 3 Durham College Water Mark 6 Durham College Water Mark 4 Droylsden Football Club 2

outdoor Fusinon White Elite Peter QPR Football Cloth Water Mark 8 QPR Football Cloth Water Mark 1

 USA Pool table London 1 Rifles 1 ong1 Slough April  2011 2

Duke Lan Duke Lan Neil Purple Spirit Water Mark 1 Slough

Primo Walnut Falcon Slimline 2 sky 4  water mark sky 9  water mark

Sage Smart Water Mark G Cloth Winner Burg 123 Riley Purple

Leeds Utd Water Mark 1 Leeds Utd Water Mark 3 USA Pool table London 1 Primo

Black Snooker Scot Water Mark111 Simp Wood Diner Water Mark 2 Prince Walnut Red Smart Water Mark 3 Falcon Simline Black with Silver Water Mark 2

DSC 0066  Youth 2 Pris 8 White  nutmeg 2

Winner Black Purple Cloth Water Mark 22 Havana Oak Red Cloth Water Mark 21 Winner Orange Smart Cloth Water Mark 23 Guinness Water Mark 23

Robinites 3 IMG 20120109 00173 Eivis Out Door Water Mark 3

Ubique Mahog Pri Green Oak Pri Green Black Fusion 111

Mix Winner 2 DSC 2034 Omega Black Red Water Mark 72 Snooker Oak Black ater Mark 53

S leg Diner Oak 7 S leg Diner Oak 2 White Elite Blue Club 12 Gold Smart12

Cooler Purple 2 Yiannimize 1 Yiannimize 2 Snooker 9ft 3

Snooker 1499 Black Elite Blue Speed cloth Arsenal 12 Arsenal 13

Orange Smart Slimline Oak 1 Red Smart Water Mark 1342 Fusion Black Smart 123 Charcoad Speed

IMG-20120301-00016  Slim Water Mark Red 13 Oak Bar Billiards Fusion in taupe

Walnut Emirates Red 1 Fusion Black Blue 13 Ascot Mahogany Mech Water Mark Slimline Silver 1

Carling Black Snooker Water Mark 4 Silver Smart 235 American Blue Speed Swindon Water Mark

Walnut Emirates Black cloth Water Mark 6 Omega Purple Water Mater 1 Fusion Mech Water Mark 1 Charcoal Speed 1 

Soid wood Diner Taupe 3 Celtic Water Mark Tullamore Dew Water Mark 10 Tullamore Dew Water Mark 6

Slimline Oak water mark Man Utd 1 Mar Blue 1 Pink Tournament Water Mark
222222222 EEEEEEE WWWWWW Untitled-7_copy
DSC 0001 Oxford_3_web DSC_0077 24
DSC_0481 Untitled-4_copy DSC_1313 Untitled-8_copy
Untitled-1_copy City 11111111111111 ssssssss
DSC_0607 DSC_0011 DSC_0024 DSC_0103
Slate_Cloth2 23 33 25
Untitle Untitled-2_copy Untitled-9_copy DSC_0038
DSC_0044 Oxford_3_web CCCCC Untitled-3_copy
Recover_Swindon_4 Recover_Swindon_2 Recover_Swindon_9 edinbrough_4
Reading_April_2011_15 Com_gater_22 Recover_Swindon_7 Recover_Leeds_April_2011
edinbrough_8 Com_gater33 Blue Ripon_2
Bri_2 Leeds_PB Inverness_3 Truro
Macc_White_Winner_Blue_Club_cloth_1 DSC_0051 DSC_0127 Peter
Truro Middlesbrough4 Aberdeen_6 Truro_2
Wilmslow_4 Wilmslow Rick_5 march_2011_30
Alderley_Edge_9 havana_f3 hav_sim dundee_3
aberdeen_20 Guinness Inverness_7 Winner Black Blue Water Mark 234

 Cheltenham1 February_2011_123 Peterborough1_2 Black Winner Purple Water Mark  1 311
DSC_0040 Leatherhead1 DSC_0048 DSC_0031
simply DSC_0107 22222 Dacorum-20120306-00061
Smirnoff_ice_1 Smirnoff_ice Black_Speed_Cloth Silver_Smart
Walnut_Fusion_Diner_Soctland Brighton_2_2 DJ Black_Smart
Reading_5 Man_Utd_1 Reading_April_2011_15 Wal
june 2011 167 White_Elite Black_Diner_1 Flint_2
Gold_Smart Powder_Blue_3 Barline_21.7_2 DPT_Greenock
American_Green_1 Peter Jesus_College_1 Jesus_College_7
Be_Ge_333 RAF Peterborough1_2 Hemel_Hempstead
Blazinstar_3 Blazinstar DSC_0011 Leeds_41
White Nutmeg Water Mark 4 White Winner Marine Blue 1 White Winner Marine Blue Water Mark Bar_1

143 Brunswick_Gold_Crown_Tournament_3 Macc White Winner Blue Club cloth 1 Tullamore Dew 13
Milano Winner White Or Riley Mix Winner 1

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